Rome and surroundings tours

Recommended limousine tours in Rome and surrounds with english speaking driver, hourly rate

We offer Rome tours with driver, and our basic Taxi tour rate is € 40 per hour for a tour with an english speaking driver. Any tour can be customized on request in agreement with the driver, as well as places not mentioned below.

Tour Number: 1

  • Place: Rome
  • Guests: Up to 8
  • Rate: € 40,00

Trevi Fountain

You tell us where: customized Rome tours with driver available from € 40,00 per hour.

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Tour Number: 2

  • Place: Rome
  • Guests: Up to 8
  • Rate: € 160,00

Circus Maximus

Half day tour (4 hours) – Classic tour: Roman Forum, Colosseum, Circus Maximus, Mouth of Truth, Pantheon, Trevi Fountain, Spanish Steps, Navona Square, St. Peter Basilica and Janiculum Hill.

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Tour Number: 3

  • Place: Rome
  • Guests: Up to 8
  • Rate: € 160,00

San Giovanni in Laterano

Half day tour (4 hours) – Main Basilicas* (San Giovanni in Laterano, Santa Maria Maggiore, San Paolo fuori le mura, St. Peter Basilica, San Lorenzo fuori le mura). *Note: No shorts, no miniskirts or sleeveless blouses are admitted.

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Tour Number: 4

  • Place: Rome
  • Guests: Up to 8
  • Rate: € 160,00

Navona Square

Half day tour (4 hours) – Tour of Baroque (Sant’Andrea al Quirinale, San Carlo alle Quattro Fontane, Sant’Ignazio, Jesus Church, Sant’Andrea della Valle, Sant’Ivo alla Sapienza, Santa Teresa’s Ecstasy, Navona Square).

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Tour Number: 5

  • Place: Rome
  • Guests: Up to 8
  • Rate: € 160,00

Mamertine Prison

Half day tour (4 hours) – Underground Rome (San Clemente, Catacombs, Crypta Balbi, Mamertine Prison, Domus Aurea).

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Tour Number: 6

  • Place: Rome
  • Guests: Up to 8
  • Rate: € 160,00

Pietà di Michelangelo

Half day tour (4 hours) – Michelangelo in Rome (Capitol Hill, St. Peter in Chains, Santa Maria sopra Minerva, St. Peter Basilica, St. Maria degli Angeli, Farnese Palace). Sistine Chapel is available in tour 10.

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Tour Number: 7

  • Place: Rome
  • Guests: Up to 8
  • Rate: € 160,00

Villa Aldobrandini

Half day tour (4 hours) – Sightseeing tour with driver in Rome Surroundings: Frascati, Villa Torlonia Park, Villa Aldobrandini Park, St. Peter’s Church – Grottaferrata: St. Lind’s Abbey, St. Lind’s Fortress – Castelgandolfo: Pope Residence Lake.

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Tour Number: 8

  • Place: Rome
  • Guests: Up to 8
  • Rate: € 160,00

Ancient Ostia

Half day tour (4 hours) – Ancient Ostia (Sightseeing tour of Ancient Ostia).

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Tour Number: 9

  • Place: Rome
  • Guests: Up to 8
  • Rate: € 160,00

Villa d'Este

Half day tour (4 hours) – Tivoli (Sightseeing taxi tour of Tivoli) – Hadrian’s Villa – Villa D’Este and Gardens.

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Tour Number: 10

  • Place: Rome
  • Guests: Up to 8
  • Rate: € 290,00

The Sistine Chapel

Half day tour (4 hours) – Vatican City (Vatican Museums, Sistine Chapel, St. Peter Basilica). Three guided-tour hours with a licensed tourist guide into the Vatican Museums and St. Peter Basilica included.

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Tour Number: 11

  • Place: Rome
  • Guests: Up to 8
  • Rate: € 320,00

banner Colosseum

Full day tour (8 hours) – Ancient Rome of Emperors (Capitoline Hill, Roman Forum, Colosseum, Palatine Hill, Circus Maximus, Thermal Baths of Caracalla, Ancient Appian Way, Catacombs, Pantheon, Aula Ottagona), and … the Renaissance and Baroque Rome of Popes (Trevi Fountain, Spanish Steps, St. Peter in Chains, Navona Square, Farnese Square, St. Peter Basilica, Janiculum Hill).

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Tour Number: 12

  • Place: Rome
  • Guests: Up to 8
  • Rate: € 420,00

Civitavecchia Harbour

Full day taxi tour (10 hours) – Shore from Civitavecchia, including transfer from/to Civitavecchia. Official licensed guide available on request.

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One of our tours, the number 2, is dedicated to classical Rome and includes a visit to the Colosseum. The great excavations carried on in this colossal building in the years 1874 and 1875, have thrown an entirely new light on its history. These were made under the level of the ground, at the foot of the podium, which is the same as that of the original arena; this large level space had been indifferently called the ground, the floor, the stage, the area, or the arena; no one had any idea that the original pavement would be found 21 ft. below that level, and that the intervening space was filled with walls and passages, dens for wild beasts, places for lifts to send up men, and dogs, and animals: and canals for water, and several other contrivances for the use of the performers on the stage above, for practically the arena was the stage on which the performances took place. These excavations have enabled us to ascertain that this had been a boarded floor covered with sand, or arena (whence its name), and that this floor could be moved and replaced in a short time, at the word of the Emperor. The evidence of this is brought out clearly in the present work. Large corbels, or brackets, are provided for placing the boards upon when removed, and keeping them out of sight of the people in the galleries; they project from the wall below the podium, in the passage over the dens.We had all of us hitherto been taught that this enormous structure had been all built in ten years by the Flavian emperors ; this is the uniform modern history, but no ancient author says so. It is only one of the so-called “Roman Traditions”, which (as I am obliged to repeat continually) are nothing but the conjectures of learned men during the last three centuries, especially Panvinius and his school in the seventeenth.

From: The Flavian amphitheatre, commonly called the Colosseum at Rome: its history & substructures compared with other amphitheatres, John Henry Parker, 1876.

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  1. Thank you for the great services you provided us with on our last trip to Rome. We’ll contact you next time, for sure!
    We have group of 9 would like to hire a mini/van/bus to take us 1 day trip from Rome to Lanciano(Chieti) and back. 1 day Rome tour with tour guide. And pick us up from airport.Thanks.

  2. Mauricio!!
    Carratonitours Servicio puntual y confiable, com explicacions turisticas, colaborador en turismo de Roma amabilidad , excelente.
    Muy recomendable!!

  3. Mauricio you are the most amazing tour guide I have found. I appreciate you going the extra mile and all the help with my business tours. Including getting us a reservation and a birthday cake at your friends restaurant, waiting for my tour participants who missed a flight connection, and taking care of all of my tour groups airport transfers as well as city tours every time we come. You are charismatic and ethical and just downright awesome! Thanks!

  4. Mariner of the Seas May 11/11
    Thank you Mauricio for the wonderful service you provided our group on May 11 and 23, 2011. You were courteous, knowledgeable, and accommodating with us. We thoroughly enjoyed the tour of the castle, the winery, and the excellent local pizzeria you brought us to on May 23/11 before getting us to the airport. We will definitely use your services again when we return to Rome in the future!

  5. 11th, May, 2011
    Wonderful tours, Informative & very patient.
    Would highly recommend .

  6. Tour in rome ( 4 hours) 11th, May, 2011.
    Thank you Mauricio!
    You were very courteous, friendly and informative.
    The restaurant you brought us to was excellent. You made our tour lots of fun.
    You helped us learn a great deal about your beatiful city.

  7. Has been very courteous and professional in his service.
    A very pleasant first class driver!
    (all agree)

  8. Msc cruise (Fantasia)
    roma 13/05/2011
    Excellent tour, highly recommend, helpful, patient, the onlyway to see Roma!

  9. Mauricio!
    Thank you for the enjoyable day! You shared so much knowledge with us and made our trip more memorable

  10. Thank you Mauricio for a very enjoyable eight hours of seeing all the highlights of Rome during our Carnival Magic cruise. Your assistance in prebooking the tours of the Colosseum and Vitican was very helpful. Your knowledge of the various sights was very informative and we shall always remember this experience. The fact that your tour took us so close to the historic sights in Rome made it easy for us to see as many places as posssible. Your gift was really appreciated.

  11. Cruise from Civitavecchia (Roma) may 07 2011. We highly recommend Carratoni Tours for your next vacation in Italy. Their service is wonderful and they try to make the best they can for you to enjoy beautiful Italy at the most. Mauricio is a great man with lots of knowledge that always shares with you. He is very professional, kind and always accommodates to your requests.

  12. Transfers and Tours in Rome
    Celebrity Solstice 17/05/2011
    Mauricio ,
    Thank you for your hospitality and fun showing us around the city of Rome .
    We are very pleased with your services and will be recommending you to others.

  13. carnival Magic 25/05/2011
    Mariner of the Seas (Royal Carribean)
    We would like to express our appreciation for your professional and wonderful services provided to our group for tranfers during our holiday in your beautiful city of Rome.
    We highly recommend Carrotoni Tours for your Italian holidays!!
    Alla prossima Maurizio!!!
    Mille grazie,

  14. Carnival Magic Great Tours
    We really enjoyed our day in Roma.
    the Vatican was really great especially seeing the pope at St Peter’s square.
    Trevi fountain was nice. The best part of the trip was our tour guide. He was very gracious and helpful on tour “Mauricio was great!”

  15. It has been a wonderfull tours,a though we only have 8,9 hours in Rome.
    We have seen and visited a number of places ,move than expected.
    Mauricio has told stories and explained each placed we have visited.
    We would definitely recommend him to our friends.
    Thank you!!

  16. Ventura 2nd July – 16th July
    Thank-you for the fantastic tour of Rome! Mauricio took us everywhere we asked and was very knowledgable! A perfect way to see Rome, especially with the air conditioned car! I would recommend this to anybody as you can do your tour of Rome the way you would like, which our driver provided excellently! A ‘gift’ of wine & cold bottled water also went down very well!
    Thank-You again Mauricio, The Brend Family:

  17. Hello Mauricio, I just want to thank you and your company for the wonderful 2 tours we did in Livorno (Cinque Terre and Pisa) on August 28th and Naples (Sorrentos, Positano, Pompei, etc.) on August 30th . The 2 drivers were very reliable, well-informed and spoke excellent English. They were also concerned about our comfort and safety throughout the tour.
    Jean J. Leroux
    Ottawa, Canada

  18. Roma e Orvieto 23 e 24 de setembro
    Oi Mauricio,tudo bem por ai ? De volta ao Brasil queremos agradecer sua atenÁ„o !! Minha m„e, irm„ e eu adoramos seu atendimento .
    Achei importante te dar este feed back …
    Obrigada por tudo
    D. Lurdinha, Gracita e Chris
    Christina Godinho

  19. Our sincere thanks to Mauricio who made our one day stop in Rome most enjoyable. He picked us up at cruise pier and drove into Rome and took us to all the major sites. He is very knowledgable and very pleasant. Even gave us a souvenir bottle of wine which we have enjoyed. Would recommend 100% to anyone who wants a condensed tour of Rome. Will definitely use again on our return trip next year.

  20. An Absolutely fantastic day Mauricio, from Pick up to Oatia Antica, to Lunch, to wine tasting, to the beach.
    would recommend your first class service to anyone visiting Rome !

  21. Wow! Just can’t stop saying what a great job and guy, Freddy did/is. I mean this guy took us places no one have even spoke about. This was the best tour of Rome we had. Tried two other tour companies, but there is just no competing with Fred. Great tour. If you want this kind of tour, contact Carrotoni Tours… and ask for Freddy, he is the best.

  22. Mauricio was great when he took us on a tour of Tivoli recently. We had 9 hrs between cruise disembarkation and evening flight out of FCO. Mauricio was courteous and prompt in picking us up from Civitavecchia and driving to Tivoli. Hadrian Villa was quite a sight for its ancient structures and Ville D’Este was just amazing. We spent a total of 5 hours between the two gardens, and that’s barely enough! Many thanks to Mauricio for a wonderful day!

  23. Mauricio Carratoni was absolutely fantastic for the week we used his services. He accommodated our group of seven (one in a manual wheelchair) with no problems. He was very friendly, reliable, knowledgeable, helpful, and personable. His English was great. We could not have navigated Rome, seen as much as we did, or understand as much about the city and its history without him. I strongly recommend Mauricio and commend him for making our trip to Rome so very enjoyable.

  24. 26/04/13 cruise
    Hi Mauricio,
    I am really appreciate to you to arrange a tour in Rome . I will give your contact for any one who is looking for a trip in Rome from Ireland .. Roberto was very helpful to show and explain all the historical places . Finally the car was really spacious .. Thanks for all you help
    Keep in touch

  25. Thanks to Maurice as a tour guide i would say he is the best that we have every had and as a divier wow. Maurice has an intimate knowlegde of the city and some of the special notes he included in his tour were fantastic. We booked him for the whole week he was always on time and personalble I would recommed him to all that would visit the city.
    Maurice thanks again for being part of our family if only for a short time. hope to visit again.
    James and Bonnie Nickel

  26. We had a fantastic day.
    Our day was everything we wanted.
    A very comfortable car to side in and a excellent
    Mauricio was very informative and got us to
    all the special places we wanted to see.
    We would recommend Mauricio Carratoni to
    anyone that needs tours in Italy.

  27. My husband and I were recently trsveling with 3 elderly aunts.
    We spent a full day in Rome with Mauricio. He was able to get us close to all the major sites. And with his expertise, we were able to do everything we wanted to do, and then some.
    Mauricio was very friendly and clearly loves his job, we had so much fun!
    We will definately look him up next time we are in Rome.:

  28. Dear Mr Carratoni,
    Thank you so much for looking after us so well last Saturday. We all really enjoyed our hours in Rome and really appreciated your knowledge, driving expertise and general efficiency.
    I shall definitely recommend you to any friends who visit Rome in the future,
    Thank you again, Jane Charnell

  29. Mauricio!
    Thank you again for making our stay in Rome wonderful. We couldn’t have done it without you!

  30. Grazie Maurizio…..abbiamo viaggiato da roma a civitavecchia e ritorno con le nostre canine…che dire…Maurizio E’ una persona fantastica e professionalissima…da ora in poi saremo clienti affezionati….un bacio grande letizia, Daniele e le canine 😉 :

  31. Thank you Mauricio for making our day in Rome so memorable. You were the perfect host, on time, well turned out & very knowledgable. You didn’t rush us & introduced us to a very nice wine too! We have some wonderful photos & we won’t forget our day in Rome for a long time. We will certainly recommend your company . Thank you again.

  32. Mauricio we would like to Thankyou so much for our wonderful trip through Rome.
    What an enjoyable day!So much to see but you covered it all!
    We shall be pleased to recommend your service to our friends and who knows one day we may meet again!
    Many thanks again for a wonderful day!

  33. We had the most amazing day with Mauricio. He was so knowledgeable about Rome and the surrounding areas, very professional, and so very friendly and truly wonderful! The transportation was very nice and comfortable. Mauricio’s access to restricted streets and areas was so convenient and a huge bonus, his knowledge was impeccable, and he had our whole day planned out perfectly. We cannot say enough positive things about him! If you are going to Rome, this is the guide you need!

  34. We couldn’t have done both Orvieto and Assisi from Rome without the excellent service from Mauricio Carratoni!! He has a detailed, local’s knowledge of Rome and other northern regions of Rome. Without his expertise we would never have been able to enjoy so many things on a schedule and with an ease so perfect for our group Of grandparents and a 7-year -old. Very safe and clean Mercedes Benz mIni-van!!
    Grazie lille Mauricio!!

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